Rams Success Negated By Coaching Failure

Is Jeff Fisher holding the Rams back?
Since the ending of the Greatest Show on Turf, the St. Louis Rams have been the laughing stock of the NFL. Their last playoff appearance was a decade ago in 2004, and they have been the worst, or second worst team in the league four times since then. That is not a typo, four of the last 10 seasons, the Rams have been in the basement of the NFL. Due to this, the Rams have had 6 different head coaches to try and figure all this out, and currently have Jeff Fisher to do the job. While Jeff Fisher has done all the right things, he has also done all the wrong things since becoming the head coach in 2012.

When Jeff Fisher took over for the Rams in 2012, he was dealt an extremely tough team. The team had virtually no talent, today only holding 8 of the players that were on the roster for the 2011 squad. Given this, Fisher has basically had to build this team from scratch, and hasn’t done a bad job at all. In fact, the Rams have been widely considered as the team ready to take the next step for the last two seasons, but did not prevail in either, finishing with two straight seven win seasons. If the team has done so well building their team, why has it not yet translated to on field success? The answer is quite simple: Jeff Fisher.

I am not going to be blind to the fact that back-to-back seasons, the Rams have lost QB1 Sam Bradford. The loss of Bradford is likely the biggest factor in the Rams failure, but Jeff Fisher has not done his best in managing the loss. Fisher has ran the same scheme for every team he has coached in his coaching career, a run heavy offense and a control the trenches defense. The Rams defense is one of the best in the league, so I will give credit to Jeff Fisher for putting it together and hiring defensive guru Gregg Williams to coordinate the squad. But my problem with his coaching is his offense. The Rams offense has been one of the worst, most bland offenses in the league in the Fisher regime. In a passing league, Fisher is still trying to lean on a run heavy formula that has only lead to six winning records in 20 years as an NFL head coach. Let me tell you something, that is not very good. With the combination of Fisher’s offensive philosophy, and the hiring of inept offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer (who recently left to coordinate the University of Georgia), the Rams have managed to be one of the most pathetic offenses in the league. These two have managed to hold one of the most dynamic playmakers in the league in Tavon Austin, and not find an effective way to use him. They have managed to run bland plays time after time thinking that they will work, just to see that they don’t, like always. Even with Schottenheimer leaving and Fisher having the opportunity to find someone to fix the offense, he hired in-house, giving the job to QB-coach Frank Cignetti. I am no rocket-scientist, but hiring someone who was lower on the totem pole than the guy who didn’t know how to run an offense, does not seem like an effective way to fix the offense.

Tavon Austin has been misused in a pathetic Rams offense since entering the league in 2013
If Jeff Fisher figures out his offensive philosophy no longer works and hires someone to take complete control of the offensive side of the ball and run his own scheme, than the Rams can get back to the top of the league. But if that never happens, the Rams may need to move on from Jeff Fisher and find someone who knows how to score touchdowns.


2 thoughts on “Rams Success Negated By Coaching Failure

  1. Well written Josh! I am one to believe that they still don’t have a #1 WR on the roster where they can base their passing game around and until that happens, they are fooling themselves into thinking they can have at least an adequate NFL passing offense. Am I thinking correct on this or are these existing receivers good enough on their own?


    • Thanks Ron! I agree with that statement. If we had someone such as Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning at QB it wouldn’t be a big deal, as the receivers on the roster do have talent. But I don’t think that the passing game will be anything better than average this season with Foles at QB, unless Quick can take a big step forward, or Tavon can become Foles new version of DeSean Jackson.


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