NHL Playoff Predictions: Round 2

The Ducks were the only team to sweep in round one, are they now the team to beat?

Welcome to round 2 of my NHL Playoff Predictions. When the playoffs first started, I made my round one predictions, now I will make my predictions on who will get through to the semi’s. First let’s score my first round predictions. Here is how the scoring will work, if I got the series winner, I get 1 point, if I got both the winner and the number of games, I get 3 points, and if I picked the wrong team, I get 0.


Ducks over Jets in 7, Ducks won in 4

Canucks over Flames in 6, Flames won in 6

Blackhawks over Predators in 5, Blackhawks won in 6

Blues over Wild in 4, Wild won in 6


Rangers over Penguins in 5, Rangers won in 5

Capitals over Islanders in 7, Capitals won in 7

Lightning over Red Wings in 4, Lightning won in 7

Senators over Canadiens in 7, Canadiens won in 6

Overall, I got two series perfect, three winners, and three completely wrong. Overall, that adds up to a decent total of 9 out of 24 possible points. Now, lets get started on round two.

Western Conference

Anaheim Ducks vs Calgary Flames

Both the Ducks and the Flames were impressive in their round one matchups. The Ducks were obviously excellent in their series, as they were able to sweep the Jets, and the Flames were able to upset the Canucks in 6. The Ducks were a juggernaut in their series, scoring 16 goals over their four games, while only allowing 9. The Flames on the other hand were able to score 18 goals over their six games, and allowed 14. Over the regular season, the Ducks were able to beat the Flames three of the five times they played. While the Flames were able to put up a good fight last round, I believe the Ducks have too much going for them right now, and will take them down.

Prediction: Anaheim wins series 4-1

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild

The Blackhawks and Wild were both able to get past very tough opponents last round, as the Blackhawks beat the Predators and the Wild beat the Blues. The Blackhawks had a tough time against the Predators, even with the series victory. The Blackhawks dropped two of the games, and won three of their four games with just a one goal lead, and the other with just a two goal lead. Still, the Blackhawks scored an impressive 19 goals in their six games, while giving up a worrisome 21 goals. It was almost the opposite for the Wild, as they dominated the Blues in round one with their 4-2 victory. While they did lose two games, the games they did win were by a margin of two goals in one game, and three in the other. Overall, they were able to score 17 goals to just 14 allowed. While in the past the Blackhawks have had a lot of playoff success, this could very possibly be the end of the road for them this year.

Prediction: Minnesota wins series 4-3

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals

The Rangers are coming off of a tight 4-1 series against the Penguins, although the number of games wouldn’t lead you to believe it was “tight,” while the Capitals are also coming off of a nail-biting series against the Islanders. The Rangers beat the Penguins in five, but that doesn’t mean it was easy. Every game in the series came down to the final goal, as every game was one by just one goal, and two of them went to overtime. The Capitals on the other hand took a full seven game series to determine the winner, as they were able to outscore the Islanders at a total of 16-15 in the seven games. This series should be a good one, but the President Trophy winning New York Rangers should end up on top in it.

Prediction: New York wins series 4-2

Montreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning

This series also has two teams who were in tight match ups in round one, as the Canadiens beat the Senators in six and the Lightning beat the Red Wings in seven. While the Canadiens were the higher seed against the Senators, they only won one of their games by more than one in the final game, where they won by two. Overall, the Canadiens scored the same amount of goals as their opponent, each scoring 12. The Lightning on the other hand had to stretch their series to seven to find a winner, as they struggled out of the gate losing two of the first three games, but then coming back to win three of the final four. Overall, the Lightning scored 17 goals in seven games (even with being shutout twice), while giving up 15. Overall, I think the Lightning struggles last series will carry over to this one and they will struggle against Canadiens goalie Carey Price.

Prediction: Montreal wins series 4-1

Prediction Recap


Ducks over Flames in 5

Wild over Blackhawks in 7


Rangers over Capitals in 6

Canadiens over Lightning in 5


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